Natural Family Living Class Webinar ONLINE!

I taught my class last saturday here in our home.  It was extremely stressful attempting to incorporate the multimedia webinar stream on the web, and so I was grateful that the only person who attended was my friend Helen.  If I had had a houseful of strangers show up to be taught the fundamentals of Food Storage my head might have exploded.  Ben had a meltdown just before class started and was refusing to leave with his Father, who had been asked to keep the nine year old and the dog busy for two hours while I taped, needless to say I was a frazzled mess when the class started, but I gave it my best shot.

Here is the link to the class online

About the Class

Self Reliance Enthusiast Jenny Hatch lectures for 90 minutes the Basics of Short and Long Term Food Storage. Continue reading “Natural Family Living Class Webinar ONLINE!”